Wednesday, 20 July 2011

we go wild

Hello, and how are you all?

I know, It's been a long time. 
Don't you worry though, my dear friends, I am still here, alive. Or should I say, 'Just about...!'.

It has been pretty hectic here in a little world of mine. 
Toby and I have moved finally, and we are settling in slowly but surely. 
Covered in layers of dust and baffled with countless loads of debris of once would-have-been fashionable wallpapers, momentary hesitance and disapproval is fast becoming main acts of this, what I would like to describe as painful but somewhat joyful process.

We have heated conversations that appears more like arguments most of times. Our friends and family raise their eyebrows with concern more often than ever, and we laugh at ourselves in an attempt to conclude that we were indeed reading from the same page. 
While my hopelessly optimistic attitude provides us some aesthetically pleasing design ideas for thoughts, Toby's realistically pessimistic approach to the project tightens the practical functions over its beauty.
This huge puddle of renovation is a tough dish to tackle. We're being challenged left, right and centre. 
Amount of researches I'm having to deal with, my MacBook is now my new boyfriend and google is his brain that I peck at. I caress it every day with an exceptional love and care for some answers and wait patiently for some actions.
In the unknown field of DIY, Toby is my handy man with the mean hot paint stripping gun. Geared up with goggles and masks, we roll deep into the wildness of mess of what we hope to make it as our beautiful home one day.

Decision making has never been so difficult at times and sure we will be facing more troubled issues to get over with but so far, fortunately, everything is in one piece and we are pleased that we are where we are.

Wild Asparagus
I came across these lovely fellas about a month ago for the first time.
It is little more delicate in taste and texture than usual asparagus. As it was my first time, I wanted to have them really simple. 

some wild asparagus, trimmed
nob of unsalted butter
pinch of malden salt
pinch of black pepper
some fresh lemon juice

Steam or boil them for couple of minutes and drain if you boil them. 
Dress them with little butter, pinch of salt and pepper. Finish them off with good squeeze of lemon.
I'd like to try them with tarragon butter next time for added flavour.

I'd like to say big thank-you to all of you readers for being so supportive. 
'babaganuj' is now on BBC Food Blog's 'currently reading' list.
Thank you.

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