Sunday, 23 January 2011

and... the bar is open

I can't remember how and when exactly Toby and I started wondering around this adventurous world of mixologist. 
I suppose we were always an almost ready made candidates who just needed a little encouragement. Given the chance of being equipped with appropriate tools and booze, it was only a matter of time for one of us to shake up something or at least, try.

I think that was what happened...

Good old shaker was given, then 'a little black book' (Play boy cocktail guide or something).
Toby in his element beaming with joy, he did knock up something which was pleasant.
He became mildly obsessed.
He wanted to have all the liquors on the shelves, then it was right glasses to treat every individual cocktails with respect and then it was a new shaker. A proper bad boy shaker. 
He now became confident and he wanted play with the bigger boys!

I adore him when he is passionate. 
He is quite gorgeous when he becomes this big kid trapped in a man's body. 

So, he had it! 
The Boston shaker.

The thing that I had to remember and be supportive of was, okay, it is him after all, does all the hard work. 
And I, just have to sit there with a big smile on my face whilst cheering him up on all of his impressive actions he mastered over the years and when it is presented in front of me, just drink it!
How lovely.

I am educated now.
Being educated with his passion and the knowledge, I share his love for this joyous world of mixing. I may never read his now 'the very big black book' (Cocktails #8 by Diffordsguide)  like he does, but I will always look after our booze corner as long as he welcomes me to his '6 o'clock' bar.

#8 Whisky sour
Click here to see how it is done.

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