Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh, I'm in heaven

Yes, I have committed myself to become a vegetarian for a week. And not to be lonely in my journey, I have indeed quietly asked Toby to join the club. 
Then he said, 'If it is going to be a detox regime, no wine should be allowed, too.'

Hang on, I had to think there for a minute, and carefully.
Not because I am an alcohol dependent, but because there are days when all I want is a glass of wine in my hands, preferably in pouring action, into my mouth, without too much time intervals between and... (oh, let me catch my breath for a sec) have a good old moan about my stressful days to my partner, who now learnt to say that magic words 'Yes, dear', thanks to his uncle L and simply appears attentive all down to his selective hearing.

But it does make me feel better! 
It is not whether he heard me or not that matters. I probably quite like the fact he doesn't respond with a lot of answers and solutions. It is just satisfying off loading all the crap so I feel ready to spare myself for my man who so deserves to have piece of me. 
Don't you agree?

Dear me... there I had to think about consequences of no more wine!

But the problem was as I realised, that little glass of drinkie never ends on just a glass. 
It always becomes 'oh little top up' then 'oh well, it's nearly the end, we might as well finish it off'.
The bottle is getting smaller, if you ask me.

What the hell! 
It is only a week.
It will do me good, real good.

5 days gone by, I was looking for excuses...

Et, Voila! 

Just because I had signed up for no red meat and no wine diet, didn't mean that I was forbidden to have a little bit of what I fancy, surely.
No one said or made any rules about naughty treats, if I remember it right.

After all, I have done very well for past few days, and the success must be celebrated!
Did it taste good?
Oh hell yes, it was quite satisfying and rather, heavenly!
And yes, I did lick the bowl, yum!!

Banoffee jar with salted caramel and coconut  
Makes 2 jars (but of course you can just do this like pie)

75g ginger nut biscuits, crushed
20g butter, melted
150g salted caramel (I had ready made jar in my cupboard, souvenir from Ill de Re)
3tbsp coconut cream
1 large banana, sliced
150ml double cream, lightly whipped
2tsp desiccated coconut

Place salted caramel and coconut cream into a sauce pan. Gently reheat and give it a good stir. Once ready leave it to cool.

If you haven't got salted caramel, just add some salt into the normal caramel. Make sure it tastes a bit salty and a bit sweet. Simples! 
( And those of you who might think it sounds odd to have salt into desserts, trust me, salt elevates something good to something very very good! It is like an ultimate power dust!!)

Mix crushed biscuits and butter.

Add desiccated coconut into lightly whipped double cream. Mix well.

Now it is time to assemble.
Place biscuit mixture, then some caramel. Banana goes on top followed by whipped cream.
Repeat once more, so you have 2 layers.
Drizzle over the rest of caramel and finish it off with sprinkle of  biscuit mixture and some icing sugar.
Chill in the fridge for 30mins so the caramel sets a little then it's all done!


  1. Hey Su and Toby,

    Loving the writing, the recipe's and the photography. I have been banging on (with absolutely zero kitchen action) about Banoffee pie for ages. Haven't tried it with salt before - it may be an add to the 'Carnation'... I have passed on your blog details to a few peeps here in Singapore, so you might get some comments from this little isle.

    The lemon tart looks great as well and I have two whole home grown ones on the deck, ready and waiting for your recipe.

    Hope you are doing great.

    Garry Pope...

  2. Hello Garry,

    How are you?
    We were so surprised by your message.
    I, being so excitable, first read it and couldn't put two things together. I did not realise that 'Garry Pope' was the 'Garry Pope'.
    Toby, of course, was very pleased to hear from you.
    We have moved into new flat as you may have read and put ourselves into huge DIY project which is keeping us very busy. It is all a bit mess at the moment but we're hoping to finish it soon.
    Home grown lemon sounds amazing. I'll post the recipe soon as I can locate my recipe book.

    It is so great to hear from you.
    Hope you are well.

    Toby and Su xx