Sunday, 27 March 2011

Seven years on,

I must tell you, I am very lucky.
Very very lucky to be part of family who is so loving and caring, who always welcomes me with open arms and kind heart.

There has been some tough times though.
Being broken hearted and full of uncertainties of the future ahead of me, I wasn't all there when I first met Toby. 
We fought with frustration. 
We screamed. 
We hit the brick walls trying hard to understand our differences. 
We cried desperately wanting it to work. 
We cried desperately for our lost spirits, hoping that we could be there for each other.

I cannot believe we are still together, you know.
Still, to these date, I often pinch myself thinking, gosh... we came this far.
Along the way though, we had, and very luckily so, a family, the unit who wasn't afraid to tell us, guide us and fix us to find our way.
They were there to support us, but never shy to shout at us to teach us that understanding was only ever meant to be through the loving heart, NOT through the calculated head.

Seven years has gone by with many tears, we laugh.
We cry with laughter knowing we've come far. 
From selfish little creatures to those who inspires each other to make better of ourselves, I guess we have come far.
I guess we have grown strong.
I guess we have learnt to love the way we are.

The Ledbury inspired bloody orange vodka sorbet with rosewater and lychee

1pint of blood orange juice (about 8 medium oranges)
100g sugar
150g lychee (I use tined)
50ml rosewater
50ml vodka
handful of mint

Place blood orange juice, sugar and rosewater into the medium sauce pan and simmer them until sugar is dissolved.
You now add lychee, vodka and springs of mint to the pan and blend them until smooth.
Pass them through sieve and put them in the freezer safe container and freeze.

After the first hour, take it out from the freezer and give it a good whisk and freeze it again for another hour. Give it a good stir or whisk again and agin every now and then.

But if you've just enjoyed too many glasses of wine and forgot about it all until the next morning like I have done this time, don't panic.
Just break the sorbet into reasonable pieces and put them in the blender and blitz them until it breaks down and forms smoother consistency.
Put them back in the freezer till you need them.

Great amuse buche or light cleansing dessert.

Martini stirred not shaken

Click here to see how it is done.

Everyone wants to be recognised...

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