Sunday, 13 March 2011

As he scored, she was touched.

I wasn't quite sure how it was going to all work out.
It sounded like a good plan though.
All we had to do was to turn up at the right venue discreetly.

What if she finds out? What if we get caught? What if we fail to make it altogether?
The only obstacle was her, our 'Mission #B'.

About 3 weeks ago, Toby's brother in law P facebooked Toby about his grande plan of night away in London with his beautiful wife, B.
He asked us if we would like to join them. We said yes and there, we were signed up for the mission where we become a little surprise for their romantic getaway.
How lovely of P to plan the night away, I thought.
And as if that wasn't enough, he goes that extra mile to arrange such a thing so his wife could catch up with her brother in town.
Now, come on, that is romantic! Was he for real?
I was well impressed!

P, I applaud you!

We arrive and succeed surprising B.
She hugs us with real good squeeze, 'I'm letting you know how much I appreciate' kind of squeeze, and a little  tears of joy.
P gets well deserved kisses and stocks up on brownie points for the rest of the month.

We loosen up with the crowd listening to the live performance of 'Hot Fiction' at Silver Bullet.
And we chat about family.

Knowing that we care, we were all moved.

Amazingly dressed purple sprouting broccoli

200g purple sprouting broccoli
1 garlic clove, chopped
pinch of crushed chilli
pinch of fennel seeds, dry roasted
handful of tarragon, finely chopped
1 tomato
nob of butter
olive oil
salt and pepper
1/2 lemon juice

Start preparing the dish by parboiling broccolis for couple of minutes and cooling them instantly in ice cold water.

Heat the frying pan with little olive oil and some butter. Put garlic and crushed chilli into the pan to infuse the flavour over medium heat. Add the broccolis, tarragon to the pan and squeeze or squash the tomato by your hands into the dish so all the soft bits of tomato goes into the dish. (Honestly!)

Season them with salt and pepper. Add 1/2 of lemon juice to taste.
Toss them well together.

Now, dish them up with good sprinkles of fennel seeds.
It is very important to dry roast the fennel seeds. Trust me, it does make all the difference to the dish.
They are just delicious!

It is nice to know that we love.

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