Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Journey, from here on...,

It was quite some time ago, my dear friend V decided that it was about time for him to pack up his life in this dirty land and start fresh on the water. 
We sat and talked about names for his new home. 

Toby and I thought baba ghanoush sounded sweet.
V thought we were being very silly or perhaps not quite all there, and decided to name his home, otherwise!

Naming our child as baba ghanoush would be a crime for our future bab's school days.

Toby said he'll get a cat and call 'baba'. 
I thought I'll get a sausage dog and call it 'ghanoush'. Train the Cat with a little bow to walk the dog with a little bandana!!

But my dream... had to end there sadly.
Realisation came after a few glasses of wine that we live in a tiny little pretend grown up shoe box, and although it is quite beautiful and cozy, we just don't have the space for another breathing kind. Damn!

So here I am, on the missionary journey to have purpose to write. Logging our thoughts, love for food and drinks, and our life on this beautiful planet, earth.
Hop on, if you fancy.

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