Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I bumped into these fellas

They were big boys.
They were round... good handfuls.

I've never met them before, so I was a bit shy introducing myself. 

I walked pass them, gave them a quick glance, pretended being busy otherwise and then... thought, maybe I'll give them a go.
It was kind of awkward approaching these fellas. 
I wasn't quite sure how they will respond to what I had in my mind. As I got closer, OMG, they were just SO handsome.
I've not seen anything so perfect for quite some time. Those amazingly soft skin, perfectly smooth and even complexion and the beautiful presence! 
I could not resist.
I had to have them, feel them and get to know them, you know.

And do you know what?
They didn't let me down.

Chargrilled round courgettes in minty olive oil

3 round courgettes, sliced
2 garlic cloves, sliced
handful of fresh mint, thinly sliced
2 kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
1tsp dried oregano
olive oil
juice from 1 lemon
salt and pepper

First of all, chargrilling the courgettes. You can do this on very hot griddle pan. There's no need to oil the pan or the courgettes as long as the pan is hot. 
Do not be tempted to turn them too quickly or too often. Just leave them to be until the side you're cooking is completely done.
When they are done, put them in a large bowl. As you are piling them into the bowl, it will start to steam a little within.

Heat small pan with a little olive oil just enough to fry the garlic slices. Make sure they are golden on both sides. When ready, put them aside.

Now make this mega fresh dressing.
Put mint, kaffir lime lives and oregano in pestle and mortar with good drizzle of olive oil. Make sure to add salt and pepper and start mixing. As you're doing this, the oil will start to turn beautifully green.
Add lemon juice to your oil to your taste.

Pour the dressing over the courgettes and toss them well with fried garlic slices. Finish it with a little more fresh mint. 
And most importantly, enjoy!

I'm so glad I found you, lovely round courgettes!


  1. I love courgettes!!

  2. Yum!! I saw a picture of this on a tumblr blog called "PoodForn" and had to know what it was ;) Looks delcious, I'll have to try it!

  3. Thanks Rande. Hope you enjoy it when you try them. S x