Monday, 11 April 2011

otherwise engaged.

How are you all?

I thought I'll share with you about how I am today.
I don't know if any of you remember me mentioning about this moving business. 
Yes, the MOVING.
It is apparently one of the most stressful thing and sure we have been put to the test.

Toby and I have been dreaming of more grown up place.
A beautiful dining area where we can entertain our guests.
An extra space where we can throw the bed for them to rest their heads peacefully at the end of the night.
A place where we can feel confident in making the next natural progress, of us being family.

I wonder if that had been the reason why it took so long for us to find the one... that home sweet home.
It was so important for us to get it right.
We wanted it to be just right.

So, tackling the first stage of finding one, now we face the harder task of making it our own.
It is exciting though.
Okay, it maybe quite some time yet until we actually complete and exchange but I cannot help myself getting over excited. 
Ideas and designs flood in to serve and express our needs and styles. Those scraps of papers I have been collecting over the years finally find its own place in my little black book. 
I talk and talk, about the plans of building works and possible materials we can use. 
And Toby wonders, if I would ever... shut up. In a very nice way.

Sweet potato cupcakes with Green Tea cream cheese frosting

for cup cakes
1 medium sized sweet potato, grated
125g self raising flour, shifted
50g ground almonds
25g dark brown sugar
75g caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
175g butter
1/4 tsp ground allspice
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 vanilla pod
2 eggs, yorks and whites separated
1 orange zest and 1/2 juice
1 lime zest

for green tea frosting
120g icing sugar
20g butter
60g cream cheese
2tsp Matcha powder

Start by whisking the butter and sugar together until pale. Add the rest of ingredients and egg yorks into the creamed butter and sugar mixture.
Whisk egg whites until it hold itself and fold it into the cake mixture gently.
Spoon them into your cupcake moulds or as whole. Bake them in the oven (180ยบ) for 20-25mins or until golden on top.

For frosting, beat butter and icing sugar first to bring them together.
Add cream cheese and Matcha powder. Whisk them until smooth but make sure not to over work them.

When ready, decorate as you wish and serve them with nice cup of tea.

I confess.
It has over taken my heart temporarily. 
But so right so, it would do.
(... wouldn't it?)

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