Monday, 21 February 2011

the plan was...

Rushing around like headless chicken, not being able to even sit down to finish off my, by now rather cold, cup of coffee, this is me... on my weekdays.
Most of Saturdays, I am busier than ever, often don't even get a chance to eat. 
Yes, not even a staled sandwich that has been sitting in the corner and being ever so talented at staring and teasing my starved eyes and tummy.
Very annoying, let's just say.

But that is just the way it is sometimes, you know.
If making sacrifice of my lunch break brings me another client and a few more quid into my wages, I will do it. 
It is not ideal in one sense but totally make sense in the other.

So I am a little obsessed with my lazy Saturdays when I get a chance to take advantages of.
I love having sociable breakfast over ever so lazily poured cups of teas and coffees. 
Gazing at some birds on top of the fence and admiring the beautifully manicured garden, we discuss what we should be doing to fill our lovely day together.

My favourite lazy afternoon scones
adapted from Dough: simple contemporary bread by Richard Bertinet

75g salted butter
300g plain flour
75g vanilla caster sugar
20g baking powder
75g raisins (original recipe uses sultanas and a lot more quantities of it)
95g double cream
95g milk
1 egg, lightly beaten for an egg wash

Preheat the oven to 220º.

Rub butter into the flour and add sugar, baking powder and raisins. Mix well until they are evenly distributed.
Add milk and cream. Bind all ingredients together.

Work the dough onto the lightly dusted surface and cover it with tea towel. 
Rest it for 15mins.
Lightly flour the work surface and roll the dough out to 2-3cm thick. Cut them into 12 squares.

Lay them on baking tray making sure they are not too close together.
Glaze the scones with egg wash for couple of times. Turn down the oven to 200º and bake them for 20mins until they are golden.

Serve them with clotted cream, your choice of jam and fresh strawberries.

Then I think to myself, let's just be...

I close my eyes intoxicated by the dreams of fleecy clouds.
I am blinded by the rays of sunshine and infatuated with touch of raindrops.

Oh, lets just be...

Let's just stay here till the next heart beat wakes us up...

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