Tuesday, 15 February 2011

with you, I carry on

I thought I'll tell you what is going on with my life at the moment.
I've started this whole new world of blogging thing a month ago by my dear other half, Toby prodding me I should.
In the mean time, life does not stop regardless what you may feel, expect or hope to be. I, as a person who like most of you cannot afford to give up my day job, I have been juggling.
I am not sure if I have been juggling well, but I have been.

Funny thing is though, I told myself when I first started all this that it would only ever be for our own record and a journal for ourselves and for our future child or two.
Everyday I wrote, I was truthful and honest so it is an accurate recordings of our living and being.

But suddenly I find myself looking at others and comparing myself to these all mighty amazing food bloggers.
They all look fantastic unlike my 'oh, this is a new learning curve' kind of way photographs.
I look at their ratings and followers and it all looks fabulous. I read their comments and everybody adores these bloggers. I read their stories and it all makes sense or at least falls into the right places...

I have to be honest here. Honestly, it really knocks me down.
I feel kind of sad thinking maybe I am just a bit rubbish.
Although my intention was only ever to be for my own record, I can feel that I actually care a little more and wishing a little more for it to be.

I suppose I just want to do well.
I just want to share my recipes that I believe in and adore.
I just would like to hear from people if it works for them. If not what could I do to make it better.
I just would like to know if there is someone out there who genuinely enjoys what I've got to say.

Oh dear, perhaps I had a little too many glasses of wine.
I'm sounding very whiny, aren't I?

Well, here.
A little pleasure of sweet, spicy and tangy ginger and lime caramel perfumed with a delicate touch of thyme, dancing in harmony with creamy baked pears and the crunch buttery ending of puff pastry.

Ginger and lime Tarte Tatin

2 limes, zested
3tbsp lime juice
175g golden caster sugar
70g grated ginger
75g butter
2-3 conference pears
all butter puff pastry
a little thyme, leaves picked

In a small sauce pan, put lime zest, juice and sugar and cook them over medium heat without stirring too much until the sugar has dissolved and rich golden brown in colour.
Take the pan off the heat and add ginger and butter to the same pan. Take the pan back on the heat and let them bubble for a bit. When it becomes glossy and syrupy in consistency, it is ready.
Keep half of the caramel sauce on the side to use it later.

Sprinkle some thyme leaves at the bottom of your chosen baking dish and assemble the pears nicely. Pears can be chopped into chunks, sliced or quarter. I like to half the pear and slice thinly length ways whist making sure the top of the pear is still intact together. And flatten them once I put them in my dish. It looks a bit prettier.
Now pour the caramel sauce over the pears and cover it with nicely rolled puff pastry making sure all the ends/edges are well tucked under. Bake them in the oven for 30-40mins (200ยบ)

When it is lovely and golden on top, take it out of the oven and tip it upside down.
You can do this by placing the plate on top of the the tarte tatin.

Serve it immediately with a little dollop of creme fraiche and a re heated caramel sauce you kept back.

The truth of matter is, I am doing what I have always been doing.
I'll carry on.
Because I enjoy my new found food adventure. And hopefully some of you out there might already be enjoying this journey with me.

Thank you to you all.


  1. Hi

    I think your photos are beautiful, you needn't worry, or compare yourself at all!


  2. Oh thanks for being so kind, Bee.
    I'll keep my chin up and carry on with you!

    S x

  3. I hope you continue. I've just found you and adore not just these recipes but your open honest writings and of course the photos. It's takes a while to get going. Hang in there! (I found you through Pintarest - someone pinned your Sweet Lentil and Goat's Cheese Salad.)

    Cheers, Jenny